7 hours & 70 mile round trip

Terrific day of visiting some old & new beauty spots around Yorkshire, creeping into Bronte Country and The Yorkshire Dales.  The initial plan was to head for Bolton Abbey around 9.00 am for opening, this was slightly skewed with a quick visit to Haworth. Leaving Haworth and headed for a quick visit to The Cow & Calf Rocks.

Arrived just after opening at Bolton Abbey, and pretty much had the stepping stones & priory to myself. Spent an hour around the priory, before a short walk up to the. The Strid and Barden Tower where the next places to visit, but in the dull winter light didn’t look inviting. Travelling only a few miles into the Dales, Scale Haw Waterfall was the next port of call. Scale Haw was end of end of three muddy & wet fields, would certainly be worth a trek with a bit more flow!

On the way back to the fort, a quick stop off at the Salt and Pepper Pots. The Salt Pot being Wainman’s Pinnacle & The Pepper Pot being Lunds Tower, with only a short work between them.