Yorkshire beauty spots on outskirts of Hebden Bridge.

Over the hill and not so far away this week, a short trip over the hill to the outskirts of Hebden Bridge. Lumb Falls was the first location, off the beaten track on Haworth Old Road, and a steep climb down a cobbled path. The stream runs under Packhorse Bridge, then falls over moss covered rocks into a deep circular pool. You can walk down to my next location, but I choose to drive and headed down Hardcastle Craggs.

Gibson Mill is located a short walk into the estate and is the focal point of a lot of walks, a peaceful mill pond, stepping stones and various waterfalls.


Panoramic Shot of Lumb Falls, Hebden Bridge.

47 portrait photographs stitched together using the photo-merge function in Photoshop, then cropped in slightly to fill the whole frame.

Lumb Falls, Panoramic Shot.
Lumb Falls, Panoramic Shot.