2000 Year old Abbey, Illuminated

Yearly trek to Whitby for the Illuminations at the Abbey, 4th time I’ve been and gets better each year. Late¬†sunset added some wonderful clouds and clear sky, first time I’ve had that shown. Add in rotating lights on the main end of the Abbey, seemed to be malfunctioning and was stuck on purple all evening. The lighting issue was a little bit of a disappointment, especially after paying ¬£8 for entry.

Spent the whole day in Whitby, visited the West Pier, had Fish n Chips and climbed the lighthouse tower, all that was missing was an Ice Cream…..

“Perched high on a cliff, it’s easy to see why the haunting remains of Whitby Abbey were inspiration for Bram Stoker’s gothic tale of ‘Dracula’. Sink your teeth into years of history, amazing views and a packed events programme, just a short climb away from the picturesque Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby.

Whitby Abbey