Yorkshire Dale Waterfalls

With Storm Brian was passing over, and I decided it would be worth a trip to some of the local Waterfalls. When I say local, around 45 minute drive, brings me to Malham. Malham lies at the upper end of the valley of the River Aire, the area is know as Malhamdale. Popular with tourist and walkers, due to the landscapes & waterfalls. After the passing of Storm Brian, the River Aire had broke its banks at a number of places on the drive over.

Janet’s Foss was my first distention, normally Gordale Beck trickles over the limestone outcrop into a clear pool below. There was no trickle or clear pool, just a torrent of water flooding over the pool below. A walk upstream brought me to the entrance to Gordale Scar, where the beck had broke it’s banks. Climbing up the rocks over the trickle of water at Gordale Scar is the normal path, but most of the rocks had been covered by the torrent of water. Short drive to the last destination, Scaleber Force. Similar to the past two falls, usually crystal water tumbles over a 40 foot of limestone into a crystal clear pool. Today a torrent of water smashes over the limestone, and floods down the steps into the beck.

Even though everywhere was muddy, slippy and flooded due to the recent storm. Being able to visit the waterfalls with such a force of water coming over them, was well worth the trip. The next season to try capture this collection of falls will be winter, and hopefully the snow.