A trip down to Goit Stock, followed up by a visit to the Folly within Black Hills Plantation. This was my first trip out since the middle of March in central Manchester, a stark contrast. The months in between have been spent shielding at home, without a sniff of any photography.

Goit Stock Waterfall

Goit Stock is a popular local beauty spot, and forms a part of many walks. The immediate path to and from the falls is a little tricky under foot, but worth the extra effort. Harden Beck falls over hard rocks into a pool below, before continuing down stream to eventually joining the River Aire. The waterfall has a drop of 20 feet, which is pretty powerful when the beck is heavy after a large rainfall.

Ruin Bank Wood

Not far from Harden Beck & Goit Stock, is Ruin Bank wood. Within the wood there is St David’s Folly, built in 1796 by Benjamin Ferrand.  The folly was erected by him so that he could see it from his residence at Harden Grange. It was built as a ruin, following the Gothic fashion of his day. The ruins now sit surrounded by Fur Tree’s, and is another popular walking route.

Hewenden Viaduct & Ogden

On the way home, I stopped off and grabbed a shot from Denholme of Hewenden Viaduct sat in the distance. Goit Stock is in the valley after Hewenden Viaduct, Less than 5 minutes later I stopped of and grabbed a shot above Ogden Reservoir, the ever changing British weather giving great contrast!