Over the hill and no to far away, a murky damp Calder Valley.

Lumb Hole Falls

Lumb Hole Falls sits partway down the steep valley side, with the beck eventually leading to the River Calder at the bottom. The recent rainfall has turned the trickling beck into something a bit more mighty & forceful, the pool was nearly obscured.

Abandoned Cottage

High above valley bottom below, sits an abandoned cottage. The main cottage building is sat in fields full of over grown grass, and a collection of out buildings. I only ventured into the main building, as the other looked a little to dilapidated for me. Mother nature has certainty began to re-claim the left over shell, with a tree growing within, alongside and in the roof.

Gibson Mill

Hardcastle Crags is a sprawling wooded valley, on the out skirts of Hebden Bridge. The woodland covers 400 acres, filled with tumbling streams, un-spoilt woodland and with Gibson Mill at the heart. The Mill was built around 1800 and produced cotton, powered by water from the beck. Fast forward 200 years and it now stands as the first renewable place looked after by the National Trust that’s completely off the grid. 

The Mill and its own pond, are popular with photographers. The perfectly still mill pond, acts as a mirror and creates a picture worthy of a postcard!