Salts Mill, Leeds & Liverpool Canal and United Reformed Church

Travelling home from a long weekend working for Gin Festival in Nottingham, took a slight detour. Dropped off a friend in Baildon, and dropped into Saltaire for some late night photography. Slightly unprepared with no tripod, improvising for the slower shutter was in order. In the West facing shot, the camera was balanced on the back of a barge with a phone and coins to get the right angle. East facing was a baseball cap and phone to raise the camera angle slightly to get away from the toe path.

Slow Shutter Photography

Shot using a Canon 5d MKiii with a Canon 24 to 105mm lens. Shutter release was done using 2 second delay and around 30 second shutter. The trick was producing images without a tripod, balanced on a barge in water. Good luck was certainly on my side with the still & calm water.