With another lockdown coming to an end and restrictions beginning to ease, a trip to a few of my favourite locations in the Yorkshire Dales was in order. All towards the bottom end of the Dales, a trip further will have to wait until later in the year.

My first port of call upon entering the Dales, was The Eshton Copse of Trees. This is right on the side of the road towards Malham, and is a popular spot to pick off your first shot. The other side of Malham Village, Janet’s Foss is tucked away, a smattering of sun had begun to shed some light on it.

Driving out of Malham, and climb to above cover was the first “lone tree” of the day on the road leading to Malham Tarn, a single tree sat amongst a crop of limestone paving. A drive over the top of the hills, with drop down to the nature reserve of Winskill Stones, sits another lone tree. The lone trees are very popular with photographers, and you’d normally cross paths with one or two!

Any trip to the bottom of Yorkshire Dales isn’t complete without a visit to my favourite waterfall, Scaleber Force near Settle. Today certainly didn’t disappoint, the spring sunshine cutting across the waterfall and it’s surrounding area, as usual a long time was spend here, enjoying the atmosphere.

An added bonus was light engine movement from Keighley & Worth Valley to Scotland, the lines “Black 5” was heading to the north for the “The Jacobite” season. I managed a quick snap as the train was leaving Skipton, and crossing the River Aire.