Haworth Station Yard and No.45212

Lurking around Keighley & Worth Valleys main base of operations, as the last engine of the day came back to the yard at Haworth. No. 45212 “Black 5” had been running Mince Pie Specials, and was to restocked & cleaned down for the night.

Lots of long exposure’s dancing around in the front of the engine while be re-coaled, with the street lights casting across the engine. Afterwards the engine was moved back across the yard, onto the line to be cleaned. This was the further line from the road/street lights, and proved better for getting a little creative. Long exposures, flash, light painting and wire-wool.

Mince Pie Special

Prior to the evening in Haworth Yard, took a ride on the Mince Pie Special. Oxenhope to Keighley return, and a mince pie included…..