Hebden Bridge & Hardcastle Craggs

Late in the month of December, with the glorious winter sun shining, I picked Gibson Mill as a sunset location. A short drive over the valley, and a quick battle for some parking. I started walking through the woods at Hardcastle Craggs, all was well until about 10 minutes from the mill. The sun decided to hide behind some clouds, and then dropped out of sight, rendering the sunset useless.

Regardless of the plan I set out with, the views around Gibson Mill are fantastic and well worth capturing. I had down into Hebden Brdige afterwards, and mulled around the town centre looking for shots. I headed out towards the Rochdale Canal and revisited some old favourites. Shooting in dusk, always creates a different atmosphere, away from the usual sunset images around the area.

The Skate Park caught my eye, I thought it would be perfect for some light trails and there was still some skaters there. So I headed back to the car to grab the light stick, unfortunately the skaters had gone, and it started to rain. Que Pickelsticking in the Yorkshire drizzle again!

Extra Wide view of Gibson Mill and the Mill Pond at Hardcastle Craggs

Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Craggs

Panoramic shot across the mill pond at Gibson Mill, nestled within Hardcastle Craggs.

The final image consists of 68 shots merged & blended together, to create an extra large view of the classic Yorkshire scene.

The Smithery

Taking in the view along the Rochdale Canal, looking towards The Smithery.

The Smithery is a grade II listed ex-weavers cottage,now a popular Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Hebden Bridge.

Looking through Station Road bridge, with the mills reflection in the canal.

Rainbow light painting in the "DREG" bowl at Hebden Bridge Skate Park

Skate Park Rainbow

Hebden Bridge has everything down to it’s very own Skate Park, just the other side of the park from the Rochdale Canal.

Perfect opportunity for some late night light painting.

The gallery from the rest of evening is below, other shots of the wonderful Gibson Mill & Hardcastle Craggs. A couple of angles around Rochdale Canal, looking back to the Station Road Bridge, and beyond. Finished off with a different lighting painting shot in the Skate Park bowl.