Whitby Abbey Illumination 2017

The annual pilgrimage to photography the Whitby Abbey Illumination. Beautiful looking again, with the added dramatic lighting on the ancient abbey. This was my fourth year visiting the illuminations, I know what to expect, where to go and what to do these days. Before heading to the Abbey, I spent a little time on the pier, basking in the autumn sun and created a shot from four years ago. The Black & White image looking towards the light tower, along with one shooting back the other way into the sun.

The main attraction for heading to Whitby in October, is of course Fish & Chips, with that checked off the list I headed to the Whitby Abbey Illumination. Like last year, there was a decent sunset happening and a long que waiting to gain access. The gate opened, and every tripod headed for the top of the pond to capture the Illumination, with the dramatic skyline. Two hours spent capturing the dramatic light around the Abbey, a quick trek to the bridge over the harbour and shot with the tied in. Done with the Abbey for another a year, quick pit stop on the pier for some slow shutter action.

On review, the Illuminations where a little disappointing to past years, looks like they have altered the lights use, along with placement. At least the queues where better managed this year, if not a little busier in general.

Bram Stoker’s inspiration in a new light as Whitby Abbey is bathed in dramatic illuminations once again.