Waterfall Week

Over on my social media channels, I spent the week sharing some of my favourite waterfall images. I though only right that they have there own little blog post.

My aim was to brighten up the doom & gloom across social media, a break from all the recent lock down news. If I was successful for the “masses”, I don’t really mind as it did the trick for me.

Scaleber Force


Spring & summer vibes, in the covered ravine where Scaleber Beck falls over limestone rocks, into a crystal clear pool below.

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Lumb Hole Falls

Hebden Bridge

A tributary running into Crimsworth Dean Beack, this is one of the smaller waterfalls, that sits to the side of Lumb Hole Falls.

The growth around the mini waterfall took more of my interest here, the water runs down Sunny Bank Road from the hills around Hebden Bridge.

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Aysgarth Falls


Towards the end of these massive falls, taken on the “Lower Falls”. No of Robin Hood on the falls today though. .

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Cauldron Falls

West Burton

Cauldron Falls, a short stroll from the picaresque village green of West Burton. A small waterfall compared to some others in the area, still well worth a visit to the Yorkshire Dales

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Scaleber Force


Waterfall week wouldn’t be right, without at least one image from Scaleber Force.

A visit to the Yorkshire Dales, isn’t complete without a scramble down to this view.

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Hardraw Force


In the ravine of Hardraw Scars, the falls drop around 100 feet.

Hardraw Force is claimed to be England’s highest unbroken waterfall, overground.

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Goit Stock


A local waterfall with a difference, some wire wool spinning.

Looking forward to a walk back up there, when it’s safe to do so.

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Gordale Scar


At the bottom of the huge Gordale Scar, the water falls over a huge area of eroded limestone.

Continuing downstream to Janet’s Foss and eventually the River Aire.

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