Down t’Mill

At the start of 2020, I decided to start trying to shoot different things. The projected started well, with a “Ballerina in the Woodland“, and then things got in the way like health and COVID-19. So fast forward 6 months, and the projected has started up again.

Luckily Emily was still interested in working on the project together, a local mill was contacted and access was arranged. The first room was on the ground floor, and had been used for film productions. There is remnants of a stage, which of course we used. The room is very dark, there is no windows or daylight creeping in. So for this, off camera flash was used, which was a little tricky. We spent around an hour in this area, and came out with some fantastic shots.

The first floor, is a long empty room with lots of natural light. Towards one end of the room, there was an outside wall from a previous set. Although a spoil on the room overall, the entrance was central to the supporting poles down the middle of the room. The large windows and harsh floor boards, made a perfect background for Emily to strike some poses. The red dance costume compliments nicely with the support poles, but also stands off against the dark floor & blue walls. Of course, we could claim this was planned, but a happy accident!

We finished up with a few shots using the impressive stair case, with a mixture of natural light and off camera flash. Finally the access to the mill takes you into a really dark area, littered with all sorts of stuff. So a very quick couple of shots, using off camera flash.