I was lucky enough to grab a ticket for the first Igers Leeds meetup of the year, pre-opening access to Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds. “Igers” is a worldwide community of Instagram fans, run by people who share followers images, by tagging or hash-tagging. The Igers Leeds is a well established page, towards end of last 2019, in conjunction with Visit Bradford, I became involved in a Igers Bradford. We’ve had a slot start due to COVID & restrictions, but hopefully we can get that ball rolling soon.

Thackray Museum of Medicine

Originally, Leeds Union Workhouse was purpose built in 1861 and a striking victorian building, in 1948 became St James Hospital, and eventually settling at the museum in 1997.

After completing our exciting four-million-pound redevelopment, we can’t wait for visitors to explore our new galleries. Follow the story of medicine as you wander through the grimy streets of Victorian Leeds, watch gruesome operations taking place in our 19th-century operating theatre, visit a 70s-style sexual health clinic, chart how well the world responds to crisis, and discover the medical innovations that changed the world.


Victorian Leeds, Disease Street!

The sights & smells of Victorian Leeds, unfortunately I couldn’t quite grasp the smell but some of the other Igers didn’t seem to impressed!

A museum to medicine

Covering two large floors these days, the museum is full of interesting medical history, artifacts and practices of the past. Lots of exhibits and interactive elements dotted around the floors, and some gruesome stories to be had!