Leeds Heat of Cocktail Competition

Rory one of the brand ambassadors from Masons Yorkshire Gin, got in touch and asked me to pop down to the Leeds heat of the competition. There are three other heats around the country, including Manchester, Newcastle & Birmingham (don’t quote on that!). The Leeds heat took place at Jake’s Bar, a cocktail bar in the city centre, making there own homemade liqueurs and distillates in Tabitha, the bar’s very own copper pot still.

The competition was split into three categories, using Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin, Masons Lavender Yorkshire Gin & Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin as the categories. Each category had a winner picked by the judges, and an overall winner.

Alex Morton of Pintura, won the Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin category

Dean Railton of The Mavenwon the Masons Lavender Yorkshire Gin category

Tom Surtees of Jake’s Bar, won the Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin category

Tom Surtees also won the Leeds Heat, and progresses to the final.


Gallery below: