Haworth Bronte Country

Very early morning trip to Main Street, a popular feature in Haworth. The steep cobbled hill, has an abundance of independent business lining it. Surrounding the shops, is a street full of history and wonderful looking buildings, with amazing views creeping between the buildings.

SPW 999 Bedford SBG Duple

Sat in the grounds of Ponden Mill near Haworth, sits a Bedford coach from 1955. The coach looks like it has had some restoration started, with the red paint work. Older pictures, show the coach with light blue paint in it’s heyday. The early morning sunrise was on my side, just peaking through the canopy above.

White Wells, Ilkley

One of the early Spa Baths in Ilkley, dating back to 1703, when a bath was outside to the rear of the premises. The single bath was replaced in 1791, with two baths inside the cottage. One of which remains today, and is still on display, accessible to “take to the waters”. Although the water has no significant mineral content it is the coldness of the water which stimulates the circulation.

A side from the Spa Bath’s, the cottage is a picturesque view on the hills above Ilkley.