Left the house with the aim of catching the sunrise across the Calder Valley, around the popular photograph spots in Hebden Bridge. Knowing the luck of the draw, trying to capture the sun in a valley bottom, I stopped off on the way over the hills from Oxenhope.

I caught sight of this colourful glow and grabbed a couple of images, looking towards Ovenden Windfarm. In hindsight, I could have spent an hour here and not have effected the rest of my morning. This would have been the last of the colourful sunrise…

After an hour or so, having Hebden Bridge to myself, a glimpse of the sun finally appeared. I was at Hebble End as the clouds broke and sun shone through, so I fired off some long exposures. As I started to head along the Rochdale Canal, the sun began to disappear and never returned until I had left the valley!

A location I want to checkout for a better weather day, but it still didn’t disappoint. Facing Hebden Bridge direction, looking onto Brearley Lane Bridge. The wonderful long curve of the Canal towards the arched bridge, flanked by the autumn trees and cottages of Bearley. The only thing that spoiled this peaceful location was the holiday barge passing through the locks behind, with the couple having a heated exchange of words.

Returning to Hebden Bridge town centre to pick off the “classic” angle of The Smithery, from the Station Road bridge. With the lack of light and overcast damp weather, I opted for a 30 second long exposure to add drama to the image. Keeping with the long exposure theme, I setup my tripod under the bridge, and shot three separate exposures. The longest being 30 seconds again, and changed the F-Stop to capture some of the detail of the bridge. The three images, where then merged in Lightroom, to produce something a little dreamy.

Hardcastle Craggs was the final call on the way home, a 25 minute walk through the Autumnal woodland brings you to Gibson Mill. The National Trusts first self-sustaining building, powered by water and solar. Shots across the mill pond, taking in the woodland reflections along with the mill itself. The waterfall from Clough Head in full force at the moment, and Hebden Water in-passable by the stepping stones at the moment.

Climbing out of the Calder Valley, just before enter Pecket Well, you get a fantastic view of Shackleton’s Monument. Sat at the top of the Hill and perched above Hardcastle Craggs below, surrounded by a vast colourful woodland.