Dream Sculpture, Panopticon & Waterfalls: #notinyorkshire

Visiting a friend #notinyorkshire, so had a google for local “landmarks’. The Dream Sculpture was the closest landmark to my visit, and it was free to visit. Standing at 20 meters tall, it’s meant to be of a young girls head mediating, dreaming on the future. I’d say looks more like what nightmares are made of. Weighing in at 500 tones & costing £1.9 million, funded by Channels 4 “The Big Art Project” and Arts Councl England should tell you all you need to know.

Taking a slight detour down some country lanes, I found the waterfall at White Coppice. A short walk past a fishing pond, and a slide down the muddy bank to the pool of the waterfall. Littered in rubbish, it wasn’t the most pleasing to the eye. A man-made waterfall acting as an overflow for the former mill pond, which is now a fishing pond.

Finishing up with a visit to two of the Lancashire Panopticon’s, Halo first and Atom second.The Halo is a 18 meter wide & raised 5 meters off the ground, glowing light blue in the night. The Atom, sat at the top of Wycoller Country Park. Creates a striking contrast to the landscape around, while framing the landscape through viewing portals.